Garden of tranquility


Our inn is approximately 10 minutes walk away from its eponym, the "Sea of Stones". The huge rocks found here came to the surface from the sediments of the Pannonian Sea.

It is said that the "Sea of Stones" has a special radiation that has a beneficial effect on the human body, its landmark is the "Swinging Stone." Every summer thousands of tourists try to jump on it to test it, but since we know it moved almost a foot during the years we advice our dear Guests to skip this experience for their own safety.

I am Pál Szigethy, I was born in Jászapáti, Hungary in 1946, I worked for the Film Factory, which was the first Film Studio in Hungary, for many decades as a production assistant, line producer and then later as an executive producer.
I came to Szentbékkálla in 1966 at the invitation of my dear friend András Sándor.
My wife, who is a biology and geography teacher, and I first bought a wine cellar here in 1978 and planted grapes on Veléte Hill. We started building the Inn in 1988 and opened it after the change of system in 1991, and we are open eversince.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!