Double single room for a night

For more than one night 13 900 HUF

14 900 HUF

Double single room for one person for one night

For more than one night 11 900 HUF

12 900 HUF

Queen size bed for a night

For more than one night 14 900 HUF

15 900 HUF

Tripple room for a night

For more than one night 18 800 HUF

19 800 HUF

Spare bed for a night

For more than one night 4 200 HUF

5 200 HUF

The whole house for a night 

(18 people)

For more than one night 119 900 HUF

125 900 HUF


2 000 HUF / night


Available between 7:00 - 9:00 am on request.

2 500 HUF

Breakfast extra

For guests with allergies or special needs we can offer breakfasts according to their needs.

5 000 HUF

Booking policy

Due to the busy summer season and in order to avoid cancellations, we give preference to our full house bookings, so a full house booking is possible 3 months in advance with a 20% deposit.

Unfortunately, our 1-room bookings can only be finalized 7 days before arrival.

Reservations for 2 or more rooms can be finalized 20 days prior to arrival.

Thank you for your understanding.

House Rules and Guest Information

  • Check-in is available between: 2 pm - 4 pm. In case your trip effects this, please indicate your different needs in advance!
  • The latest check-out time is 10 am on the day of departure. The fee for late departure is 1500 HUF / started hour / room.
  • The registration form can be filled in on arrival or sent to us by e-mail at the guest house's e-mail address.
  • Our prices do not include the holiday tax, which is 100 HUF / person / night.
  • Use of fire and open flame is prohibited in the building!
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the building. The designated smoking area is located next to the community building. Please place the cigarette ends in the ashtray.
  • We are not responsible for personal valuables brought into the area of ​​the Guesthouse.
  • It is the responsibility of the occupants to be responsible for the furnishings and equipment in the rooms during the stay. Please do not take the furnishings of the rooms out of the building or into the water blocks!
  • Damage caused to the accommodation must be compensated by the guest or its legal representative. In case of a group the leader of the group is responsible for the compensation.
  • If any damage or abnormality is detected, it must be reported immediately to the owners!